fall fun with family…


Today was a day filled with family fun!  Nana and Pop came in town and we all headed to the Pumpkin Patches.  It was kid city for sure!  We took a ton of pictures.  Taylor and I had our hopes set on getting a group shot of JC, Benton and Millie together in their denim outfits for Nana!  Let’s just say we did our best to get all 3 of them looking at the same time, with their eyes opened, and smiling!  It was not easy to say the least.  After the photo session we took a hay ride (I think it was a first for a lot of us) and boy was it fun! Other than that I spent most of the time listening to Millie making tooting noises! So much fun!!!  Here are just a “few” of the pictures I took and will send the rest via snap fish!  There’s a ton of them.

Attempt #1

and 2..


Millie loves her Nana!

Us…minus Tripp!

These pumpkins were cool b/c they could talk!!  Lets just say they had southern drawls!  

Us with our cute lil pumpkin!

Hay Ride FUN!

Me picking out Millie’s 1st baby pumpkin!

Da-da and baby..

Thanks so much for going with us Nana and Pop! 

Yawl come back now-

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