Dr. Denmark said it!


Not only did she give me advice on child rearing, she also gave me wisdom on her being 110 years young!  Some of you may have read different books in preparation of having a baby.  We had several books in hand (ie.I had several books for me to read) (Happiest Baby on the Block and Baby Wise) to name a few during my 9 month preparation to giving birth AND being a mother.  (I now realize they are two extremely different things!)  Anyhow, my friend Emily loaned me the Dr. Denmark book and I read every word of it and followed all of the advice.  This book really helped me with so many things and worked like a charm!  Millie was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks, gaining weight perfectly, eating great, and thriving in all of her milestones!  I am now a HUGE fan of her and had the pleasure of meeting her today at her home in Athens Georgia!  

For those of you who are not familiar with her, she is a 110 years young Christian pediatrician who has seen thousands of children in her 75 years of practicing.  She studied, researched and invented the vaccine for Whooping Cough (pertussis vaccine) in the 1930’s.  She is very old-fashioned and set in her advice to mothers.  This to me is what moms need.  We need consistency on what to do!  Not changing information from modern child views, trendy pediatrics, and shifting views on nutrition.  Call me old fashion if you will…I don’t mind because it works!!!

All in all it was truly a great experience to sit down and meet with her and her daughter.  She gave me some of her advice on life and babies…here’s what she said,

1. “Sleep them on their belly”

2. “Keep them on a schedule”

3. “Keep them away from sick babies”

Coming from her I think I will do my best to listen to her advice!!! 

And now her words of advice on living..she said, “always do something you love and eat healthy.”  Sounds so easy, if we could all just follow this consistently we’d live to be 110 years old!  She also said that Millie was “very healthy and a very good girl.”  She even guessed exactly how old Millie was!  

110 Years of Life well spent helping you moms all over the world!

Her daughter took the pictures…she kept telling me to make her laugh!

I love this one of her looking at Millie…

Thanks for stopping by!  We really recommend her information***

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  1. She is amazing and we got lucky in meeting her! I had a friend pull some strings so that we could meet her and take a few photo’s!! 😉 A day that I will remember for a LONG time!!

  2. aw, it’s my old doctor. I remember sitting in her tiny little (freezing in the winter, btw) drs office on old church pews waiting to be seen.lol 🙂 I really miss that, I always loved going to her. She is such an amazing person. Whenever my mom calls to check up on her she is still able to ask, by name, how each of us kids are doing. It’s amazing. We really need to take a trip out to Athens and visit her.

  3. How awesome is that??!! Wow! My brother and sister in law swear by her advice. She is like pediatric royalty! That is a photo for the baby book for sure!!!

    Millie’s mommy is so darn beautiful!

    Love you,

  4. hey kris – that’s AWESOME!!!!!!! what a great story!

    how the heck did it happen? i want more details!!! 🙂

    thanks for the sweetest comment ever on my blog yesterday!!! you are precious, absolutely precious!!!! when will i see you again??? 🙂

    love and more love,

  5. Is this the Dr. Denmark that lived in S. Forsyth County and had an old house out in front of her home that was her office – $10 a visit up until at least 1998 when I took two of my grandsons to her. She is truly amazing and I took all the advise she gave – it all works.


  6. Millie,

    Wonderful pics, and story. Do keep in mind that Dr Denmark says to keep children off all milk products (cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, etc.) because the milk tends to cause a lot of digestive issues, anemia, skin irritations, ear infections, etc. We kept all milk from our children until around 4-5 years, and then limited to a bit of cheese in recipes, milk in cereal. It really makes a huge difference! Milk is hard to digest! God bless you for promoting Dr Denmark’s advice! It works….

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  8. i am now 53. My mom took me to Dr.Denmark for the first time when I was a few months old. I wentuntil she did my physical for college. She gave me advice as a teenager that I really understood and remembered when I had kids more. I have never forgot all those visits. We would live in a different world if every parent had raised their children the way she taught. God Bless her long life and lets keep her wisdom living on as we pass it on.

  9. Kristen! I was just reading your post. I followed Dr. Denmark as well and I have had the best experience with a happy, healthy little girl. I was googling Dr. Denmark for help with potty training and I found this blog. As I was scrolling down, I saw you in the pictures! What a small world. I recently sent Dr. Denmark a thankyou note for her help. She is such a blessing! Tammy (Coleman) Borngesser

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