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Little Bunny Millie….hoppin thru the forrest…


LOVE LOVE LOVE this little bunny suit Aunt Gwynne gave Millie!  It has come in handy with this chilly Georgia weather. It will also come in handy for Halloween!  I failed to get a picture of the back of the pants. There is a cute little bunny tail on the butt!  SO CUTE.  😀


fall fun with family…


Today was a day filled with family fun!  Nana and Pop came in town and we all headed to the Pumpkin Patches.  It was kid city for sure!  We took a ton of pictures.  Taylor and I had our hopes set on getting a group shot of JC, Benton and Millie together in their denim outfits for Nana!  Let’s just say we did our best to get all 3 of them looking at the same time, with their eyes opened, and smiling!  It was not easy to say the least.  After the photo session we took a hay ride (I think it was a first for a lot of us) and boy was it fun! Other than that I spent most of the time listening to Millie making tooting noises! So much fun!!!  Here are just a “few” of the pictures I took and will send the rest via snap fish!  There’s a ton of them.

Attempt #1

and 2..


Millie loves her Nana!

Us…minus Tripp!

These pumpkins were cool b/c they could talk!!  Lets just say they had southern drawls!  

Us with our cute lil pumpkin!

Hay Ride FUN!

Me picking out Millie’s 1st baby pumpkin!

Da-da and baby..

Thanks so much for going with us Nana and Pop! 

Yawl come back now-

Dr. Denmark said it!


Not only did she give me advice on child rearing, she also gave me wisdom on her being 110 years young!  Some of you may have read different books in preparation of having a baby.  We had several books in hand (ie.I had several books for me to read) (Happiest Baby on the Block and Baby Wise) to name a few during my 9 month preparation to giving birth AND being a mother.  (I now realize they are two extremely different things!)  Anyhow, my friend Emily loaned me the Dr. Denmark book and I read every word of it and followed all of the advice.  This book really helped me with so many things and worked like a charm!  Millie was sleeping through the night at 3 weeks, gaining weight perfectly, eating great, and thriving in all of her milestones!  I am now a HUGE fan of her and had the pleasure of meeting her today at her home in Athens Georgia!  

For those of you who are not familiar with her, she is a 110 years young Christian pediatrician who has seen thousands of children in her 75 years of practicing.  She studied, researched and invented the vaccine for Whooping Cough (pertussis vaccine) in the 1930’s.  She is very old-fashioned and set in her advice to mothers.  This to me is what moms need.  We need consistency on what to do!  Not changing information from modern child views, trendy pediatrics, and shifting views on nutrition.  Call me old fashion if you will…I don’t mind because it works!!!

All in all it was truly a great experience to sit down and meet with her and her daughter.  She gave me some of her advice on life and babies…here’s what she said,

1. “Sleep them on their belly”

2. “Keep them on a schedule”

3. “Keep them away from sick babies”

Coming from her I think I will do my best to listen to her advice!!! 

And now her words of advice on living..she said, “always do something you love and eat healthy.”  Sounds so easy, if we could all just follow this consistently we’d live to be 110 years old!  She also said that Millie was “very healthy and a very good girl.”  She even guessed exactly how old Millie was!  

110 Years of Life well spent helping you moms all over the world!

Her daughter took the pictures…she kept telling me to make her laugh!

I love this one of her looking at Millie…

Thanks for stopping by!  We really recommend her information***

Soccer Games and Swing Sets!!


We took Millie to the park to swing the other day and boy was it a hit!  Millie loved the breeze in her hair as daddy and mama took turns pushing her!  We also strolled over to the little mini kicker soccer game that was going on and I am pretty sure we have a soccer star in the works!  She was VERY interested in what was taking place on the soccer field!  HMMMM, possibly a future Georgia Dog??? 

Momma and Millie!~

Higher daddy…(ie…notice the soccer moms in the background working their arms!)

How cute!  Love Love Love these TWO!!!!!

Still wondering what this means???  She may have been getting ready to blow a very large rasberry???