Books and Bubbles!!


Here are a some pictures of Millie and her friend Ansley today! Jessica and I had a girls lunch with the babies and then headed to story time!!  Millie saw her first bubbles today!!  And us moms finally got a chance to catch up!!  (Thanks for the invite Jessica!  We had a fabulous time hanging out with you gals!) 

Millie and Ansley having lunch at Moes…Ansley was catching up on her sleep before story time!

Millie checking out the bubbles!

Wow!  More bubbles momma! i think little eddie had a crush on Millie….

Trying to scoot over to little Ansley!  

Sweet Ansley Mae!!

Ansley and her Boyfriend??

Jessica and Ansley checking out the bubbles!

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  1. Love that you are starting her early with Story Time – it is one of my fondest memories growing up! I loved the time spent with my mom at the library. You are such a fantastic mom, Kris!!

    Love you both – can’t wait to see you next week!

    D and Eli

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