Millie + 5 Months = 2 Teeth!


Millie is now 5 months old and many changes are taking place!  The buds to her lower front teeth popped out last Thursday while we were in Charlotte!  That was very exciting to me, (being in the dental field and all!)  We have already trained her to brush, floss & listerine!  Haha!!  jk….

Anyhow, this is the biggest thing yet!  We will keep you posted on any new tricks!  Oh, also, she is laughing a ton!  I am working on a video and hope to post one very soon!

Laughing at daddy….

Laughing at momma…

She is in love with her very hungry caterpillar animal and book*her favorite right now…

This is the best one I could get of her new teeth…stay tuned for more!


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  1. OMG Millie! I can’t believe you beat Simpson on getting teethe…being such a younger gal and all….hehehe 🙂 You are so beautiful and I will argue with anyone that you have your mama’s eyes!! I can’t wait to hear you laugh and squeeze you in my arms! Love you and give your mommy and daddy a hug and kiss from all of us!!

    Miss you!
    Deede, Papa, Josie, and Simpson

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