Atlanta Silverbacks VS. Rochester Rhinos


This past weekend my younger brother Justin & my older brother Jason got to see each other for the first time in a while!  Justin had a game against the Rochester Rhinos in New York.  Jason, Jennifer & Amelia drove to the game from Boston which was about a 6 hour drive!  It looks like Amelia had a blast and the boys got to catch up!  Love you bubba’s!!!  

PS.  Millie can’t wait to meet her uncle J, Jennifer & Amelia in a few weeks at the beach!!!  🙂

Jason, Justin & Amelia

Jason & Jennifer…

Daddy’s Girl!!  Possibly a future soccer star!

SOOOOOOO PRETTY!  I love you Amelia…

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  1. Thank you Kristin, we appreciate it. Were all so excited for FLA.

    Trying to get some books together, we didnt forget. See you soon!

    Jason, Amelia and Jen 🙂

    Have a great long weekend..!

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