MOORE family time…


Here are some pictures from 2 weeks ago when we had Dee-dee & Papa over for dinner. We had such a fun time chasing Josie around and playing with Simpson & Millie. Sorry for the delay on the photos!  

Sometimes Josie likes to kiss…

And other times she is very serious…

Here she is being silly with Millie…

Stephen, Simpson & Josie…

Millie with her PAPA!

Millie wearing Papa’s hat….I don’t think she liked it??


Dad & I decided it would be cute to put them in the crib together!!

This one I LOVE!  I took this through the window…

Millie knew her momma was taking pictures…

Dee-dee & Millie hanging out..

Sisters being silly!!

Me & Sim-Sim!!

Here are 3 of us crazy kids!  We need to add Jason & Justin to this pose…:)

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  1. Wandered across your comment on the Grosgrain site while admiring her darling stuff. Obviously, was drawn to the name. Little Millie is a doll! And you have such great taste in baby names 😉

  2. Kristen,

    You are SO pretty. It is ridiculous and you have been all your life! I can say that because I admired you while you sat in the balcony with your little rabbit coat! 🙂


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