Millie’s New Buddy will be here before you know it… :)


This weekend Millie and I went to Baby Reagan’s house for her sweet shower.  Millie also got a chance to play with her friend Olivia.  She is a bit older than Millie but they hit it off really well. 🙂  Brooke got lots of wonderful gifts and had tons of friends come in from all over!  She is SO loved and so is Reagan.  I am delighted that there will be a girl for Millie to grow & play with. Plus, I will get to hang out with her REALLY COOl mom too!  Here are some of the pictures from the shower…..Brooke, I hope you don’t mind that I posted these!!  🙂  ps. thanks to your friends for taking these pictures!


Reagan’s first UGA piggy bank!

Adorable teddy bear to match her nursery…

Friends & Family…

To: Reagan

From: Millie 🙂

The Hostesses…

Reagan’s Aunt & Grandmother!!!

Ok, great picture of me & Brooke…Millie wasn’t looking…so we

took another one & Brooke wasn’t looking….so we

took another one and we were ALL four looking!!

Me, Millie, Olivia & Maria…



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