“Moore” Pictures & Baby Eli’s Shower!


This past weekend we had Papa & Dee-de over for dinner and what fun we had.  Simpson & Millie took a nap together in the crib, we ate hamburgers, had peach margaritas, and just hung out with all the kids!  We had such a great time just relaxing and catching up.  Hope to do it again soon guys!!  Pictures to come soon!  

Also, today I hosted a “Family” baby shower for my cousin Danielle with Mehgan & Danielle.  We ate lots of yummy food & talked about baby stuff!!  It was such a fun time since most of our family was there!  We are all so excited to meet Baby Eli and see his precious face.  Danielle, I want a phone call as soon as you go into labor!  More pictures to come…


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  1. It was such a fantastic shower! So laid back and fun…had a blast! Thank you for all that you did for me and Eli. We felt VERY loved! Let me know when you get pics….need to post some on my blog too! Love you!


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