4 Months Old…


Millie turned 4 months old this past Monday August the 4th!  I took her to her pedo appointment Wednesday and she is doing great!  Here is the 411:

1. Weight 15/11″

2. Length 25-1/4″

3. Head 42cm

Also, this past weekend I had to have a procedure done where I could not nurse Millie for 24 hours and Stephen’s parents and brother came down to help out with Millie & me!!  To make a really long story short, I ran out of frozen breastmilk so Nancy went ahead and gave Millie a little rice cereal with a spoon to hold her over and conserve my milk. She ate like a champ!!  I am so proud of her.  She is now back to nursing thank goodness, although it is relieving to know she will have no problems eating baby food once we get to that point.  On that note, she is thriving and her personality is shining through!  Thank you Nancy, Steve & Griffin for helping out with Millie, cooking for us, & most of all hanging those darn pictures!!!  🙂

I love this picture of Millie & Stephen!

Here Goes…

Are you sure about this Nana???

This is gonna take some gettin use to!!

Me watching Millie take her first bite of rice cereal!!  She is growing so fast! 😦

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  1. We loved taking care of Millie! So glad that you asked us to come help out. AND glad that all came out OK. What a blessing!

    As far as those DARN pictures go – lets hope they stay on the wall…..

  2. She is getting more beautiful by the day! And you guys are always welcome to the Winder Riviera. I’ll have Cass whip you up a lovely pina coloda!

  3. I can’t believe how big she has gotten! She is growing so fast! Eli is going to look like a shrimp – haha! Hope all went well with the procedure – sounds like it did! Love ya!
    D and Eli

  4. Hey Kristin!

    Millie is absolutely beautiful! The girls and I would love to meet her in person sometime. Hope you all are doing well and maybe we can get together soon!


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