Family Vacation at Litchfield Beach


This past week we went to South Carolina with all of the family.  What fun we all had taking all the little one’s down to the beach!  Clarke, who is a good friend of Stephen’s family was gracious in letting us stay at her beach house.  (Thanks again Clarke and Bob!) We hung out at the beach, took long walks on the beach, went to the pool, rode golf carts (Millie loved that), rode jet ski’s, the boys surf fished while us girls knitted, we did some shopping, ate out one night, watched movies and more. Basically we had so much fun I am not sure where to start!! I sure was sad leaving this morning to come back home. Here are a bunch of photos that capture all the fun we had.  Thank you Nancy for babysitting Millie while Stephen and I went out to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!  We are looking forward to next years summer vacation already!!!  🙂

Our Beach Family Photo taken by Clarke…

Millie at the beach…she is a drooling fool as you can see…

Playing in the waves…

Spending time with Millie out on the beach…

Millie already wrote her name in the sand!

All I can say is “daddy’s girl”…

Millie, Clarke & Jack…or is that Zoe??

Nancy, Clarke, Zoe, Jack & Millie…

Us riding to the pool in the golf cart!  Millie loved the breeze…

Us enjoying the refreshing pool…we pretty much had it to ourselves!!

Millie sunbathing her belly!

Teeny weeny bathing suit! 🙂

Mohawk hair as always!  That is all it wants to do these days??

Me, Millie, Benton & Taylor…Millie loves her little cousin!

The dads with the babys!

The Blevin’s Gang!!

Same picture, different bathing suit!

The Benton Clan!

Millie chilling up on dads shoulder…

Us enjoying the beach right before a huge storm rolled in…

A crab crossing the street…

The Blevin’s Family leaving for a walk to the inlet..

Love this photo!  

Benton up on Nana’s strong shoulders!!!

Our gang again…this was the first time Stephen brought Millie out to the beach!

JC, Steve & Stephen…

I love them so…


Millie in her new hat!

Headed out for another walk…

Stephen and Millie in front of an amazing sunset…

Boy does Millie love her Uncle Griffin…

Daddy & Millie 

Nana bought Millie her first Lily Pulitzer outfit….SO CUTE!!!

Tummy time!!


Millie loves her Pop…

He bounces me until I fall asleep!!

Loving the sunset pictures!!

Griffin and Baby Millie…

I love how Stephen is looking at Millie in this one…

This was taken the last night by Clarke!  


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  1. I’m so glad you guys had such a great time at the beach!!! Millie is so adorable I can hardly stand it 🙂 I can’t wait to see you guys again soon!!


  2. The Beach was such a GREAT time! It is a beautiful place to go. Just waking up each morning looking at that gorgeous ocean. It was hard to leave. We all have to come up with a week for next summer.

    Millie is growing by leaps and bounds. Next summer she will be running around. I am so glad I only have a few days til I get to see you all again.

  3. Hey – you’re back!! Looks like y’all had a fantastic time! Nothing like spending time with family at the beach…so much fun! Millie looked like she had a fun time too. So glad y’all are back safely…can’t wait to see you! xoxo D and Eli

  4. Great Pictures… I just emailed some to Jason. We are looking forward to seeing you guys too! Congrats on the anniversary! Millie is adorable, cuter and cuter every blog! We all are very excited to meet her.

  5. hey love!! i would have hated to leave myself – what a fun vacation, that great quality time is unmatched!!!
    millie is PRECIOUS!!! the sunset pics were my favorite too and the one where you’re holding her in the air with stephen looking on – ADORABLE!!!
    hugs and love,

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