Old Fashioned Cat Head Biscuits & Cat Naps!!!


Today Millie and I made a little trip over to mema’s kitchen…boy did we have fun with our cooking lesson.  My favorite memories of living with my grandmother were sewing, cooking, attending church Sunday morning & night and each wednesday for choir practice!  Yes, for those of you who did not know this, I was in the choir at mema’s little ol country church!  Oh how I truly miss the good ol days!!!  Anyhow, I have always wanted to learn how to make her biscuits, and today I finally learned.  I have wanted to make them many a time with country ham or fried steak & gravy so many times and not known how.  It just wasn’t the kind of thing I could just call her up on and get over the phone.  It is a skill that takes practice and lots of experience! Seeing her prepare them in person was a memory I will have forever.  I ate 2 of them standing in her kitchen afterwards with 2 pieces of country ham for a taste sampling. MMMM were they good. Here are some pictures from our time in MAWS kitchen!!  I told her I was going to get her a cooking show on the food network!  She just laughed and said she was too camera shy for that sort of thing!  🙂

Buttermilk, self rising flour & oil…..


Mema using a measuring cup for my benefit only!!  She doesn’t usually use one at all!!  Such an old pro!!

Almost ready to mix!

Mixin em up!!

Ready for a 500 degree oven!!

The finished product….

With a little ham….

While all of this was going on Millie was just a playing and cat napin…..snooze #1

Snooze #2


#4….this girl was sleepy today!

Finally sleeping beauty awakes!!

Millie getting to know her mema!!

Say cheese maw!

Yawl come see me again now!


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  1. What fun! I need to learn how to make those – they look yummy! I can’t believe how big Millie is getting – wow! I hope we can get together next week before y’all leave. Love you –
    D and Eli

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