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Cute Pictures!


 Pretty cute stuff if you ask me. 🙂



Old Fashioned Cat Head Biscuits & Cat Naps!!!


Today Millie and I made a little trip over to mema’s kitchen…boy did we have fun with our cooking lesson.  My favorite memories of living with my grandmother were sewing, cooking, attending church Sunday morning & night and each wednesday for choir practice!  Yes, for those of you who did not know this, I was in the choir at mema’s little ol country church!  Oh how I truly miss the good ol days!!!  Anyhow, I have always wanted to learn how to make her biscuits, and today I finally learned.  I have wanted to make them many a time with country ham or fried steak & gravy so many times and not known how.  It just wasn’t the kind of thing I could just call her up on and get over the phone.  It is a skill that takes practice and lots of experience! Seeing her prepare them in person was a memory I will have forever.  I ate 2 of them standing in her kitchen afterwards with 2 pieces of country ham for a taste sampling. MMMM were they good. Here are some pictures from our time in MAWS kitchen!!  I told her I was going to get her a cooking show on the food network!  She just laughed and said she was too camera shy for that sort of thing!  🙂

Buttermilk, self rising flour & oil…..


Mema using a measuring cup for my benefit only!!  She doesn’t usually use one at all!!  Such an old pro!!

Almost ready to mix!

Mixin em up!!

Ready for a 500 degree oven!!

The finished product….

With a little ham….

While all of this was going on Millie was just a playing and cat napin…..snooze #1

Snooze #2


#4….this girl was sleepy today!

Finally sleeping beauty awakes!!

Millie getting to know her mema!!

Say cheese maw!

Yawl come see me again now!

Lots of Catching Up!!!


Hi friends, family & fellow bloggers,

We have had a trail of bad luck with our computer the past few weeks.  I have hated to keep you all in suspense with Millie’s growing self!!  She is changing by the day.  Just a little milestone/Millie up-date:

1. Cooing

2. Blowing Bubbles

3. Drooling

4. Sneezing

5. Laughing

6. Smiling 

She is such a sweet baby and loves being with the family. Over the fourth of July we visited Charlotte and got to spend time with the family.  Here are some pictures from our fun weekend!

Millie with her Nana!

Millie with her mema!

Roma & JC kicking it around!!!

Bruce relaxing after a long day…

Millie enjoying her Gwynne

Griffin & Steve…

Mi Familia!

El Lippo!

The Blevins Familia!

Baby Blue Eyed Benton…

3 Generations!

Me & Milllie waiting on the “Griffin Sparkler Show!!”

More Futball!

Happy 4th of July!!

Millie & Bogie

All smiles! 🙂

Yawl come back now…