Millie’s first Bluegrass Concert…


Tonight we went to a local concert in our home town.  There was a great little bluegrass band playing out on a huge open lawn.  It was a really cool Monday night activity for sure!  Some of our friends from our small group at church were there also.  Millie also got to meet her first girl-friend ever!  Little ANSLEY MAE!! (I love that name!!!!) 🙂  Here are some of the ramdom pictures I took during our night out on the town!  

Millie enjoys hanging out at concerts it seems!

The Band..

The band again…

The band jammin…

The lawn…

Daddy & Millie…how sweet! 

Tom, Jessica & Ansley…

Christen & Jimmy

Millie & Ansley meet for the first time!!!!  SO EXCITING…

Some of our small group…

Farris, Kelly & da baby in the belly!!












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