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A Little Peek into our Week….


Here are a few pictures from our past week or two! 

My 2 children: Tripp & Millie….Tripp has over-taken Millie’s boppy!

Millie with her Great Grandmother…

Me with my grandmother/2nd mom!

Another of Martha Ellen and Millie

Nathan, Kelly & Millie @ The Last Resort…

Millie & Suzanne aka “your other mother”  🙂 hanging out at their Margaritaville Resort~

Millie with her Andelle!

Yawl come back and see me now!!!


Stephen Happy Fathers Day…


Millie wrote:


Dear Daddy,

I love you so much already and we have just begun!  I see how much you love me too.  Thanks for being such a kind, patient & loving daddy to me. You change my diapers and talk to me. Your silly faces and high pitched voice are my favorite at this stage!  I could not have gotten any luckier with a better daddy!  Thank you also for helping mommy when she needs a break! I feel the love from you both each and every day.  I am a lucky lucky girl.  Happy Fathers Day Daddy.



P.S.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of me and you!!!!

Me & you at the hospital taking a nap..

Us at the hospital 2nd day…

The day I was born!!

You rocking me in the early morning…

You heading off to work, but always kissing me good-bye!!

Us hanging out at the house!!

Feeding me my first bottle ever!!!

You looking at me right after a melt-down…

Us at Nana & Pop’s House…

Us just relaxing at the homefront!

You taking me for a walk at the beach…

Us enjoying beautiful mountain air together…

I love you daddy!!!  Happy First Fathers Day…..

Us waiting to eat at the Last Resort!!!









2 Month Milestones….


Today Millie is officially 2 months old!  I got her social security card in the mail finally. She is growing so very fast.  I cannot get over how I am with her all the time 24-7 and never actually physically see her grow!! She weighs 11lbs/12oz and her length is 22-1/4in. long!~! This fits into about the 75% for 2 month old girls!   

Her milestones thus far:

1. She is sleeping flat in her pack-n-play now, not in her bounce seat

2. She is cooing

3. She is lifting/holding her neck up 

4. She is drooling a lot now!

5. She takes an hour nap everyday

6. She absolutely loves riding in her car-seat 

7. She laughs at Stephen when he talks baby talk…it’s the cutest thing ever

8. She is very focussed on all of her surroundings/loves ceiling fans & lights/my face or stephen’s face!

9. She is kicking her legs and moving her arms a bunch

10. She sucks her thumb sometimes or her hand/I’m thinking this really isn’t a milestone…or is it???

11. She will go to sleep on her own between 9-11pm and usually sleeps til 6-8am

12. She loves riding in the grocery shopping cart

13. She enjoys taking baths & looking in the mirror!

14. My favorite, she smiles at me several times a day 🙂

Pretty sure I didn’t miss anything! Thanks for dropping by!!!! 🙂

Here she is laying on her changing pad…

The best part of being a mommy is seeing your baby smile back at you…

More smiles!!!!  🙂

This is when she gets Stephen’s full attention….with the lip!! (Such a daddy’s girl already)





Millie’s first Bluegrass Concert…


Tonight we went to a local concert in our home town.  There was a great little bluegrass band playing out on a huge open lawn.  It was a really cool Monday night activity for sure!  Some of our friends from our small group at church were there also.  Millie also got to meet her first girl-friend ever!  Little ANSLEY MAE!! (I love that name!!!!) 🙂  Here are some of the ramdom pictures I took during our night out on the town!  

Millie enjoys hanging out at concerts it seems!

The Band..

The band again…

The band jammin…

The lawn…

Daddy & Millie…how sweet! 

Tom, Jessica & Ansley…

Christen & Jimmy

Millie & Ansley meet for the first time!!!!  SO EXCITING…

Some of our small group…

Farris, Kelly & da baby in the belly!!











Millie has more visitors!!


This past Sunday my Uncle Ken and Elaine came over to visit Miss Millie.  As Ken was holding her I think she must have displayed at least 5-6 different facial expressions.  It was the funniest thing ever!!  We enjoyed having you guys over and catching up on life!!  Here are a few pictures from our visit.