Our week thus far…showercaps & swimming pools!


This week I took Millie over to my parents neighborhood pool where she finally got her feet wet!  It was a overcast day which was perfect for her fair baby soft skin….which may I add I was extremely paranoid the entire time about her burning.  She got a little bit of sun, but not too much.  She loved sitting in my lap in the kiddie pool with her little toes in the water. 🙂  At times it got a little crazy with the older kids swimming around, but we managed!!  I almost cried as I was dipping her into the water without Stephen being there to see it!  I have lots of pictures though so hopefully that will make up for it!  There are some other random pictures from this week also that I will show you.  Take a peek-a-boo!

First time going into the baby pool…

See her little bitty toes!

This was taken as we were undressing….she kinda looks like me with a shower cap!

Just posing!

Me & Josie explaining to Millie where her chin is!

Awww, how precious!

The new sweater Nana & Pop got her in Boone!  It was chilly up there…

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  1. Looks like you had a great week! Millie is so cute in all of these pictures!! I had the best time yesterday at your house – Millie is one lucky girl to have such a sweet momma! xoxo D

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