Memorial Day/Stephen’s Birthday/Taylor & John’s Anniversary in Boone, North Carolina…


This weekend was filled with all kinds of celebrations!!!  We celebrated Stephen’s birthday with all of his family!!  We cooked out on the grill and enjoyed all being under one roof.  We had 2 babies, 1 child, 1 teenager, 3 dogs & 10 adults.  It was quite the weekend if I say so myself.  Millie was wonderful the entire time.  She slept each night with no problems and would let us each at most meals! She was so glad to get to finally hang out with her cousin JC.  He was very interested in her this trip.  Lots of kisses he gave her.  Taylor and John also were celebrating their anniversary this weekend.  Between Steve, Nancy, me & Stephen we all watched the boys while they had a night out on the town!  It was a handful to hold little Benton as he is quite the “wiggle worm” these days!  Nancy cooked dinner and Steve cooked breakfast each morning which was wonderful!  It was like a mini vacation with the whole family. Plus the food is ALWAYS wonderful.  Here are some photos from our crazy weekend in the mountains.  

Millie smiling for Mema…

The Whole Family…Taylor, John, Benton & JC!

Brother & Sister & Baby Benton!

Love this picture of Millie sitting in Stephen’s lap…

Nana & Pop with all their Grandbabys!

Millie’s big present to her daddy…yummy icecream cake from Harris Teeter.  

Pop & Benton hanging out…such a sweet picture…

Me & Millie with the mountainous background…

Family shot!

JC loving on Millie…

JC talking to Millie…

JC kissing on Millie…

Millie loves her big cousin JC…

Nana & Millie…

Mema checking out Millie…

Aunt Gwynne got a little spit up from Millie…oops!

Uncle Griffin & Millie..

Another family picture!





2 responses »

  1. You and Stephen look great in that last picture. Maybe it’s the matching shirts? I like it!

    It looks like you had a blast, and happy birthday, Stephen!

  2. you guys are always on the go! 🙂 love all the pictures.
    can we pretty please hang out again soon? just come knock on my door! Millie is getting so big! 🙂


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