Millie goes to the beach…


This weekend we had the pleasure of tagging along with Stephen to Jekyll Island.  Millie got to see Nanna & Pop there too!  While the boys were working, us girls got to hang out and relax together.  Besides the bugs being pretty bad we had a great time.  I got some really cute pictures of Millie in her American Flag Bathing suit!!!  SO CUTE!  She did really good on the ride there and back.  She slept the entire time both ways.  She was pretty fussy when we arrived both times.  I am thinking the bottles gave her an upset stomach.  😦  All in all it was just the vacation we needed.  We made it to part of a Low Country Boil Friday night and a Barbeque on Saturday!  Millie got to meet all of daddy’s work buddies at the cookouts which was fun.  I didn’t get any pictures with all 3 of us.  Kinda sad but Stephen was working a lot of the time.  Here are the one’s I thought were cute of Millie!  

She was having a good dream down at the pool!

Super Star!!

Dad & Millie hanging by the pool…

Mom & Millie getting bit by bugs at the pool!

Stephen & Millie in front of a giant tree…

Our hotel Jekyll Island Club (very historic)

Us before going to eat dinner!

Another picture in front of a big mossy tree…

Millie learning she has a tongue!!



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  1. I didn’t know you were at the Jekyll Island Club. Jekyll is one of my favorite places in Georgia. I love wandering around the Island. It is so gorgeous.

    I love Millie’s little swimsuit. It is adorable. And have you changed your hair color? It looks fabulous! And if you haven’t well, rest assured, it is still looking fabulous!


  2. OMG that bathing suit looks ADORABLE on millie!!! i LOVE the
    “i found my tongue” picture! so cute…i hope you guys had a great time and we can’t wait to see you again soon!!! give millie lots of kisses from our clan!

    danielle (deede)

  3. So glad y’all had fun at Jekyll – what a great place!!! Millie looks like she had a relaxing beach trip – haha! I LOVE the bathing suit – someone really cool and hip must have picked that out! 😉

    Glad y’all are back safe and sound! xoxo D and Eli

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