Millie starts to coo and smile!


These are just a few pictures I took of Millie today.  This dress is precious.  Taylor bought this for her and it’s my FAVORITE dress so far.  She has a tone of cute clothes to wear before she out grows them! She is like having a beautiful little doll to play dress up with each morning.  She just started cooing and grinning a bit too!!  This weekend we are going to Jekkle Island and St. Simons.  Hopefully the 6 hours in the car won’t be too terribly bad!!  We will see.  Seeya when we get back.  🙂



4 responses »

  1. she is such a doll baby 🙂 we miss you guys already! hope you are having a fabulous time at the beach!! i can’t wait to see pictures of millie in that bathing suit!!

    love you all,
    danielle (deede)

  2. She’s PRECIOUS, Kristin!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 So cute, I love these pics!! That dress is so adorable and the cutie-pie expressions on her face are simply priceless!
    Love you, Doll!!!

  3. I love that she is full of happiness (of course)! I am also loving your new layout. It is very cool! Mwuh, and hugs.


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