10 Things I want Millie to know…


1. Always look for the good in people…

2. Learn from your mistakes and take responsibility for them as well…

3. Treat others with respect…

4. To say I am sorry, I forgive you, I love you..

5. There are always going to be hard times in life.  Take them and run with them.  Figure out what God is trying to teach you or how He is growing you.  It’s pretty cool how He works.  🙂

6. Nothing in life comes easy.  So work hard at whatever you do…

7. To love yourself unconditionally…

8. How to manage money & a checkbook…

9. The Books of the Bible by memory.  Old & New Testament…

10. Say NO to drugs…

Dear Millie, there are so many things that I want to teach you.  You are so loved by me and your daddy.  We are lucky to be given the gift of parenthood.  We will always be here for you no matter what!!  Thank you Jesus for giving me the precious gift of a daughter.  I promise to always teach her Your Ways oh Lord!!


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  1. I love seeing pictures of the baby and the family. I can’t wait until I can meet both of you in person. Mille, your granddaddy was at our office today with your birth announcement picture. You are certainly a pretty little baby girl. He is so proud of all of the grandbabies.

    God has blessed you with a wonderful family

  2. THIS may be my favorite post yet! (A) Because I am loving the sentiments you wrote here, and (B) because Mac’s take the BEST PHOTOGRAPHS EVER.


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