Mothers Day Weekend…


This weekend was a busy one.  Friday we had a few neighbors over and Stephen smoked a Boston Butt!  It turned out perfect!  I think we are going to eventually open a family barbeque business…(called NUBBS!) jk* I think this would be Stephen’s dream job (to cook, grill and smoke meat all day!)  Something about hanging out with the guys cooking and drinking a few beers is his favorite home activity these days!  🙂  I love it because we get to stay close to home and save money from going out!!!!  

Saturday we headed up towards Gainesville to visit Taylor, John, JC, Benton & the Berg Family.  It was to my surprise to see little JC open the door with a shaved head!!  I almost didn’t recognize him at first.  We had steak fahjitas, chips and rice!  To top it all off we had homemade strawberry ice cream.  YUM!  The best I’ve ever had may I add!  Benton is growing up TOO fast as well.  He has the most BEAUTIFUL blue eyes too!

JC with his newly shaved head…

Benton checking out Millie’s Passy….(she was not too happy about this)!

Baby Blues!

Me and Millie with her cousins….

JC telling Stephen & John to look at the camera!

On a side note**Taylor, I have got to start getting more pictures of me and you!!!  (I will need them for the calendars at Christmas)



Sunday (Mothers Day)  We laid low around the house until about 12ish.  Stephen brought me breakfast in bed along with cards from him and Millie and a gift!!! 🙂  Then we got up and went to check out more Mini Vans. 😦  After that Millie was fast asleep so we went ahead and stopped into our favorite Mexican Place and ate lunch.  We then came home and relaxed some more.  What a wonderful day….MY VERY 1ST Mothers Day.  I am so blessed with such a wonderful husband, who may I add made today VERY special!!!  AND to have such a healthy and beautiful baby girl!  Thank you JESUS!

My Very 1st Mother’s Day card from Millie…


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  1. Why are you looking at mini vans???? I thought you loved your 4 Runner…

    Your Mother’s Day weekend sounded great…glad you got to relax! I love Millie’s card to you…such a sweet girl!

    Love you! xoxo

  2. I am so glad that you got spend a fun and relaxed Mother’s Day with family and friends and little daughter, aka The Cute.

    It’s going to be a big year of “firsts” and how fun to watch you going through them with The Cute.

    Love, love, love.

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