1 Month Baby Girl…..



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  1. Okay…I am back from the beach and I am coming to your house this week!!!! I miss her and can’t believe she is a month old already. I love the last picture of her looking at you…so incredibly sweet!!

    Miss you and can’t wait to see you both soon – xoxoxo

  2. my my miss millie is so alert!! she is so precious kristin…i just want to kiss her all over! the picture of her crying in the bath is just adorable 🙂 that one will have to be on her wedding collage one day!! you look fantastic, as usual, and i have one question…are those your real nails??? they look great!! lots of love and kisses to you and baby!!!


  3. Great pictures, as usual. It looks like The Cute is nuzzling you in the last picture. I LOVE IT. Happy 1 month birthday Millie! (Seriously, a month? Really? Already??? Wow.)

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