Kristin’s Birthday Weekend~


Saturday was my 27th birthday and boy was it a good one.  Not only did I have my amazing husband to celebrate with, but also my daughter!  We had a nice time grilling out and staying close to home.  Stephen grilled wings and chicken, made a potato casserole, and had me a awesome cake from Publix!  I also got a delicious Rum Cake made by my mother-in-law!  I am going to try and make Stephen one for his birthday in a few weeks.  (Hopefully it will turn out better than the cheese cake’s I’ve tried making him in the past.  😦 Stephen also got me a 60 minute deep tissue massage for my birthday which I have been craving and a new purse!  It is amazing to me as I get older I forget how old I am…. I really thought that I was only 26 this year.  

Enough about me, Millie is doing great.  She has slept through the night the past 2 nights.  (Who knew I would have her sleeping through the night at 3 weeks!)  I am not going to get cocky though…..I am sure she will have some all-nighters again!!  

Thanks for stopping by and we will seeya next week.  

Millie celebrating mommy’s birthday…

Me blowing out the candles….I cannot remember the last time I got a birthday cake!  

Beautiful Publix Cake…

Me blowing out my candles again!

The morning after my birthday bash!!!





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