Weekend with Grandma…


Sunday my mother-in-law came in at a last minute request of mine!  It was such a wonderful visit and I secretly cried in my room this morning as she was leaving.  She cooked all of our meals, cleaned our house & re-decorated our living room.  She would also come get Millie in the early morning and keep her while I got some much needed rest or a shower.  One day I even left Millie with grandma for 2 hours so that I could run some errands. Today we are on our own and things are going well.  I have a feeling the Millie & I will be begging Nancy to come back in no time!  Millie enjoyed every minute she spent with her Grandma!  Here are a few pictures I’d like to share!

Grandma holding her first grand-daughter….

Millie with her new bow Grandma bought her!

Taking a walk through the neighborhood…

Oh how she loves her Passy…

What a pretty day for a stroll with the family!!










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  1. So precious…so glad that y’all enjoyed your time with Grandma! I bet she had a blast too!! Millie and this little man are going to be so close with their dark hair!! 🙂

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