oh how i love rainy days with the fam….


Today we are home resting.  Millie is doing excellent sleeping through most of the night.  She wakes up for feedings and then goes right back down!  We have been getting out during the day and then at night we go for a walk.  This has worked really well with keeping her semi-awake!  I am so proud of her.  Tripp has also been very sweet and gentle with her thus far.  We will keep you posted on this as she gets older!  Ahhh, and dad, he is also doing so well with her too.  He loves to hold her when she has just been fed and almost dozing off.  This is when I catch him staring at her face in amazement.  I love what God has done in our home since we have brought her home and into our lives.  Praise God for He is good!  ps check out george straight’s new song “i saw God today”  love this song~

Profile picture I just love….

Millie napping with her hands behind her head!  So cute!!

Millie and her “ever so protective” BIG BROTHER..

The awesome stork Danielle, Nancy & Ginny had in the yard upon returning from the hospital!!  

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  1. Kristin!!!!!!! Each picture is so precious and she has absolutely stolen my heart!!!! I love, love, love the one with her hands behind her head while she sleeps. That’s the most adorable baby sleeping position of all time!!! She looks like the most carefree little angel! So cute. Keep the awesome pics coming!!!
    I hope to give her hugs and kisses myself very soon – for now, please pass them on!
    Much love,

  2. I love every single picture up here. My mom checked out your blog, and she agrees that you have the most beautiful little baby in the world. Cass is back from his multiple fly fishing trips, so whenever you are ready for company, let us know. He wants to meet Miss Millie.

    We love you!

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