i am so blessed…


Thank you Lord for all of the wonderful miracles you put in my life each day.  I feel so complete with Millie in my life.  She has brought us so much joy and happiness in the past 7 days.  Last night she woke up at 3am and 6am for feedings only and went right back down after.  I pray that she continues to like her sleep time!  









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  1. KRISTIN! that second picture of millie with her hands by her face laying sideways on the couch…please i want a copy!! she is SO adorable 🙂 and that cherry outfit is just precious!!! talk to you later!


  2. Can’t wait to see you three next week. We are enjoying the pictures…Millie is so cute!! Looks like Tripp is handling the new addition well.

    G and B

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