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Kristin’s Birthday Weekend~


Saturday was my 27th birthday and boy was it a good one.  Not only did I have my amazing husband to celebrate with, but also my daughter!  We had a nice time grilling out and staying close to home.  Stephen grilled wings and chicken, made a potato casserole, and had me a awesome cake from Publix!  I also got a delicious Rum Cake made by my mother-in-law!  I am going to try and make Stephen one for his birthday in a few weeks.  (Hopefully it will turn out better than the cheese cake’s I’ve tried making him in the past.  😦 Stephen also got me a 60 minute deep tissue massage for my birthday which I have been craving and a new purse!  It is amazing to me as I get older I forget how old I am…. I really thought that I was only 26 this year.  

Enough about me, Millie is doing great.  She has slept through the night the past 2 nights.  (Who knew I would have her sleeping through the night at 3 weeks!)  I am not going to get cocky though…..I am sure she will have some all-nighters again!!  

Thanks for stopping by and we will seeya next week.  

Millie celebrating mommy’s birthday…

Me blowing out the candles….I cannot remember the last time I got a birthday cake!  

Beautiful Publix Cake…

Me blowing out my candles again!

The morning after my birthday bash!!!





Baby Millie with her friends and family!


The last couple of days we have had lots of visitors stopping by to meet Millie.  Here are some pictures from her eventful week.  I also added some from visitor’s that stopped by the hospital!  Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by…

Bruce and Gwynne



Miss Mary


Justin & Mehgan


Uncle Lee-bo visiting at the hospital..









Aunt Ginny

Uncle Dan

Grandparents & Uncle Griffin

Uncle Griffin

Mary aka Mema…

Great Grandmother & Grandma!


This was taken today (4-24) during one of her many naps…. 🙂


Weekend with Grandma…


Sunday my mother-in-law came in at a last minute request of mine!  It was such a wonderful visit and I secretly cried in my room this morning as she was leaving.  She cooked all of our meals, cleaned our house & re-decorated our living room.  She would also come get Millie in the early morning and keep her while I got some much needed rest or a shower.  One day I even left Millie with grandma for 2 hours so that I could run some errands. Today we are on our own and things are going well.  I have a feeling the Millie & I will be begging Nancy to come back in no time!  Millie enjoyed every minute she spent with her Grandma!  Here are a few pictures I’d like to share!

Grandma holding her first grand-daughter….

Millie with her new bow Grandma bought her!

Taking a walk through the neighborhood…

Oh how she loves her Passy…

What a pretty day for a stroll with the family!!









oh how i love rainy days with the fam….


Today we are home resting.  Millie is doing excellent sleeping through most of the night.  She wakes up for feedings and then goes right back down!  We have been getting out during the day and then at night we go for a walk.  This has worked really well with keeping her semi-awake!  I am so proud of her.  Tripp has also been very sweet and gentle with her thus far.  We will keep you posted on this as she gets older!  Ahhh, and dad, he is also doing so well with her too.  He loves to hold her when she has just been fed and almost dozing off.  This is when I catch him staring at her face in amazement.  I love what God has done in our home since we have brought her home and into our lives.  Praise God for He is good!  ps check out george straight’s new song “i saw God today”  love this song~

Profile picture I just love….

Millie napping with her hands behind her head!  So cute!!

Millie and her “ever so protective” BIG BROTHER..

The awesome stork Danielle, Nancy & Ginny had in the yard upon returning from the hospital!!  

Please take a moment to pray…


These are some friends of my cousin Danielle. She passed their story to Stephen and me for inspiration. Please take a moment to read their story.  It takes a while to read so please do so when you are not in a hurry. They are truly an inspiration to Stephen and I after reading their blog.  This family has more faith in God than anyone I’ve ever seen.  So much peace that surrounds them while going through such a life changing event.  Please pray for them as they continue to walk in God’s excellent grace.