Jason & Amelia Back Home……Wedding/Madison Georgia


This weekend my brother and his little girl Amelia came in from Boston for Justin’s wedding.  We had lots of catching up to do for sure!  I had not seen either of them for quite a while.  Thursday they flew in and cousin Danielle and Lee picked them up at the Atlanta Airport and met Stephen and I in Covington to pick them up. We then went to eat at the Waffle House and then came back to our house and went night night!  Friday we got ready for Justin and Meg’s rehearsal & rehearsal dinner at Madison Oaks.  It was fun helping Amelia get ready for this.  She loves to look like a princess wherever she goes, so playing dress up was right up her ally!  Saturday was the BIG day for Justin & Meg.  Thank goodness the rain held off for the wedding.  God was looking out for them I believe!!!  Sunday Jason & Amelia went to spend some time with Aunt Del and Uncle Lee-Bo!  Here are some random pictures from the entire weekend.  I didn’t take many at the actual wedding though!  The bride and groom looked amazing…      Amelia & Josie playing during the rehearsal..   16.jpg    24.jpg    34.jpg       Amelia waking from her beauty sleep..42.jpg       Amelia dressed up in her princess dress for uncle Justin’s wedding..53.jpg      Mema, Me & Bob before the wedding…62.jpg      Stephen before the wedding… 73.jpg      Jason & Amelia before the rehearsal…82.jpgDoug, Josie & Amelia at the rehearsal…101.jpg    Danielle & Amelia… 112.jpg       Amelia & Jeff…122.jpg      Amelia & Stephen..132.jpg       Amelia Logan Moore…141.jpg       Cass & Melinda at the rehearsal dinner…  17.jpgGinny holding Dan’s belly at the rehearsal.. 35.jpg18.jpg     26.jpg    36.jpg     44.jpg     54.jpg 

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  1. Kristin! Your photography just keeps getting better and better – we definitely need to sign up for a class. You looked awesome, and tell Jason I loved Amelia – I could have hung out with her all night!

    Mucho love from the Cass & Melin Home.

  2. Kristin, we love your website and all the pictures. It was great to see everyone at the wedding, it was beautiful. Glad Jason and Amelia got to come, she has grown so much and she has the most gorgeous eyes.
    Kristin you look wonderful, you and Stephen look so happy. God has really blessed the two of you and we can’t wait to meet baby Millie, you are going to be a wonderful mother. May God continue to bless your home, we love you very much.

    Love Ken and Elaine

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