Third Day Concert/Date Night


Friday night we went to see one of my favorite bands on the planet!  Third Day was in Athens at the Classic Center.  Our seats were up in the nose bleeds but we were still able to see everything!  Before that we went to eat at one of our favorite spots downtown…DePalma’s!  It was delicimo…. 😉  It reminded me of the days when we met and went downtown on the weekends.  We ate there a many a times when we started dating~         MAC POWELL52.jpg   Stephen & I before dinner at DePalmas, the parking lot attendant took this! 13.jpg  Wow again big mama…39 weeks prego (can we say double-chin)?22.jpg     My gorgeous husband whom I love and adore   ~   32.jpg   Third Day rocking out!!41.jpg    

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  1. YOU ARE TOO ADORABLE! Seriously, man, you look fabulous. I am so glad that you are still out and about and having fun before baby!

  2. You look so great!! I am so proud of you for doing so much this late in your pregnancy. I can only hope I am doing all that! 🙂

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