Athens Church Easter Egg Drop


Saturday Stephen and I went to support the Athens Egg Drop as balloon volunteers!  It was quite a job blowing up all those balloons!  Stephen was the helium tank man and I was the knot tier. There will be more pictures posted on Easter Sunday of the egg drop.  Check them out at!  We had a nice assembly line set up for quicker production!  😉 It was quite an eventful task and we had a blast helping out.  (Next year Millie will be running around hunting for eggs).  Taylor, John, JC & Benton all came to join us for the egg drop around 10am.  Watching 20,000 eggs drop from a helicopter is very exciting!  I think it took about 1.2 minutes for every single egg to get swiped up once the whistle blew.  Lots and lots of people there.  Uncle Stephen helped JC go out on the field and fight for some eggs.  Although it was a little bit scary for Stephen I am positive that JC loved every minute of the festivities.  Baby Benton enjoyed watching the helicopter drop the eggs.  I think tomorrow we will rest.  A very exciting & tiring weekend.        Helium Tank Supervisor  🙂 72.jpg         81.jpg       JC LOVES HIS UNCLE STEPHEN9.jpg         Taylor & Benton121.jpg   Look at those beautiful baby blues~  111.jpg    Family Portrait of the day!131.jpg    JC & Uncle Stephen   10.jpg    I’m POOPED~ 61.jpg     Everyone waiting for the eggs to drop…14.jpg        23.jpg    33.jpg 

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  1. hey! loved seeing you at the egg drop! thanks for helping out. wasnt it crazy??!! i will be thinking about you and praying for you as you await the arrival of Miss Millie! cant wait to check the blog and see pictures of the little one!


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