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Jason & Amelia Back Home……Wedding/Madison Georgia


This weekend my brother and his little girl Amelia came in from Boston for Justin’s wedding.  We had lots of catching up to do for sure!  I had not seen either of them for quite a while.  Thursday they flew in and cousin Danielle and Lee picked them up at the Atlanta Airport and met Stephen and I in Covington to pick them up. We then went to eat at the Waffle House and then came back to our house and went night night!  Friday we got ready for Justin and Meg’s rehearsal & rehearsal dinner at Madison Oaks.  It was fun helping Amelia get ready for this.  She loves to look like a princess wherever she goes, so playing dress up was right up her ally!  Saturday was the BIG day for Justin & Meg.  Thank goodness the rain held off for the wedding.  God was looking out for them I believe!!!  Sunday Jason & Amelia went to spend some time with Aunt Del and Uncle Lee-Bo!  Here are some random pictures from the entire weekend.  I didn’t take many at the actual wedding though!  The bride and groom looked amazing…      Amelia & Josie playing during the rehearsal..   16.jpg    24.jpg    34.jpg       Amelia waking from her beauty sleep..42.jpg       Amelia dressed up in her princess dress for uncle Justin’s wedding..53.jpg      Mema, Me & Bob before the wedding…62.jpg      Stephen before the wedding… 73.jpg      Jason & Amelia before the rehearsal…82.jpgDoug, Josie & Amelia at the rehearsal…101.jpg    Danielle & Amelia… 112.jpg       Amelia & Jeff…122.jpg      Amelia & Stephen..132.jpg       Amelia Logan Moore…141.jpg       Cass & Melinda at the rehearsal dinner…  17.jpgGinny holding Dan’s belly at the rehearsal.. 35.jpg18.jpg     26.jpg    36.jpg     44.jpg     54.jpg 


Athens Church Easter Egg Drop


Saturday Stephen and I went to support the Athens Egg Drop as balloon volunteers!  It was quite a job blowing up all those balloons!  Stephen was the helium tank man and I was the knot tier. There will be more pictures posted on Easter Sunday of the egg drop.  Check them out at!  We had a nice assembly line set up for quicker production!  😉 It was quite an eventful task and we had a blast helping out.  (Next year Millie will be running around hunting for eggs).  Taylor, John, JC & Benton all came to join us for the egg drop around 10am.  Watching 20,000 eggs drop from a helicopter is very exciting!  I think it took about 1.2 minutes for every single egg to get swiped up once the whistle blew.  Lots and lots of people there.  Uncle Stephen helped JC go out on the field and fight for some eggs.  Although it was a little bit scary for Stephen I am positive that JC loved every minute of the festivities.  Baby Benton enjoyed watching the helicopter drop the eggs.  I think tomorrow we will rest.  A very exciting & tiring weekend.        Helium Tank Supervisor  🙂 72.jpg         81.jpg       JC LOVES HIS UNCLE STEPHEN9.jpg         Taylor & Benton121.jpg   Look at those beautiful baby blues~  111.jpg    Family Portrait of the day!131.jpg    JC & Uncle Stephen   10.jpg    I’m POOPED~ 61.jpg     Everyone waiting for the eggs to drop…14.jpg        23.jpg    33.jpg 

Third Day Concert/Date Night


Friday night we went to see one of my favorite bands on the planet!  Third Day was in Athens at the Classic Center.  Our seats were up in the nose bleeds but we were still able to see everything!  Before that we went to eat at one of our favorite spots downtown…DePalma’s!  It was delicimo…. 😉  It reminded me of the days when we met and went downtown on the weekends.  We ate there a many a times when we started dating~         MAC POWELL52.jpg   Stephen & I before dinner at DePalmas, the parking lot attendant took this! 13.jpg  Wow again big mama…39 weeks prego (can we say double-chin)?22.jpg     My gorgeous husband whom I love and adore   ~   32.jpg   Third Day rocking out!!41.jpg    

Justin & Meg’s Mexican Fiesta Shower!


This weekend Stephen & I helped host my brother and his fiance’s couples shower.  We had a fabulous spread of mexican food, played games & celebrated them getting married!  It was a good time for everyone.  We took some great pictures of all the festivities!  I am so excited to have Meghan become a part of our family and especially my little bro’s life!  They are both VERY lucky!  Their wedding is only 2 short weeks away along with our due date!  Congrats to the 4 of us!!!  Lots of life changing events happening in our families so keep us in your prayers.     Me & Justin     12.jpg      Stephen & Justin21.jpg      Stephen, Lee, Justin & Cass      31.jpg      Me & Stephen 4.jpg   Meg and her Mom (they look like sisters)   71.jpg      Me 38 weeks pregnant and Danielle 14 weeks pregnant!!!51.jpg 

38 Weeks…


Today I went to the doctor and all is good!  I am dilated to 1 and Millie has dropped.  This means that she is progressing wonderfully! I have been struggling with sciatica (lower back/nerve pain) since Sunday and will be in physical therapy twice per week until giving birth. :0            
Me at 37-38 weeks!  k.jpg   

Tripp Awaiting Millie….


Tripp is getting extremely anxious for Millie’s arrival.  He has been helping me keep the house clean!        tr4.jpg      Practicing some photography skills in our free time…   tripp2.jpg      Tripp loves to play with his daddy!  1.jpg              “Where’s my new little sister?”2.jpg             “Guess I’ll take another nap until she gets here…..”   7.jpg