MiLLie’s BaBY ShOWer…..


Today was very special because I was able to spend time with all of my close friends and family.  The Lord has truly blessed me with lots and lots of wonderful women in my life.  It is a great thing to have such strong Christian women to model my life after!  (Being raised mainly with 3 guys as father figures I definitely find it interesting to see how other women do things)….Today there were soooooo many wonderful goodies.  Not only did all of my closest family and friends come, but I also got to share all the loot with them!  A car seat, bouncy seat, itty bitty ballerina socks, diapers, bibs, burp cloths, bottles, decor baskets, gift-cards, booties, bloomers, embroidered receiving blankets, a handmade burp cloth and bib, bunny rabbits, baby hangers, Peter Rabbit book, crib sheets, knitted hat, booties & a “fabulous” handmade knitted yellow blankee!  I am sure there are some things that I left off the list….but to make a long list short would be an understatement.  Oh and not to mention the fact that so many of those wonderful women I talked about above helped out with flowers, gifts, planning & organizing, invites, getting food prepared, decorations & volunteering their homes…I know I’ve said it before but I will say it again and again, I am so thankful for everyone’s support & generosity.  It doesn’t go unseen!  We love you all and hope you all will keep our family in your prayers & hearts.     Cindy Sobel-My Doula/Birthing Coach Cindy my Doula/Birthing Coach   Aunt Ginny & Mehgan (soon to be sister-n-law)       ginny.jpg      Aunt Gwynne & Nancy (Millie’s Grandma)
Nancy & Gwynne         Me, Sweet Baby Benton & Taylor (sister-n-law) Me, Baby Benton & Taylor      Mehgan, Mary, Danielle, Me, Melinda, Danielle sh.jpg    Top Row: Mehgan, Me, BrookeBotton Row: Mary, Danielle, Melinda, Danielle shower.jpg    Mema~Millie’s Great Grandmother, My Grandmother
mema.jpgMe holding up “Spoil Me” Bloomers!mi.jpg   Melinda holding Millie’s uncle Simpsonmelin3.jpg    What a room full of beautiful ladies….and 2 handsome baby boysx.jpg   Mema & Mema~Both of Millie’s Great Grandmothersz1.jpg         Tripp already trying out Millie’s car seat~tr.jpg         Emily & Jennifer (fellow neighborhood mommies)k1.jpg            Wow big mama~km1.jpg 


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  1. Kristin! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! This is such a fantastic way to keep us all in the loop. You, my dear, are gorgeous in every single photo. Photogenic genes, you have.

    I had such a great time at your shower – the food was great, the company was lovely, and I want your eyelashes. I am glad some of the pictures turned out good – I tried to take enough so you would have some choices.

    Hugs and love!

  2. Kristin,
    What color/brand lipstick are you wearing at your shower?!! It’s so pretty!
    Congrats on the new baby!
    Gail Carey
    (Sherri’s friend in FL)

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