This was me as a baby and my original copy of my birth announcement! 
nur.jpg    The precious moment dolls were in my room when I was little~2.jpg      
pic.jpg  This was my grandmothers old highchair~hc.jpg           We have recently had Millie’s room painted and are so glad that is done.  It was pretty difficult for me to pick out the paint for her room.  I wanted pink and Stephen wanted to leave the room beige.  With the help of Aunt Ginny and Memaw I finally decided on a cream color called “Flour Sack White” by Ralph Lauren.  It turned out beautifully and we both love it.  (It’s washable paint as well which I’m sure will come in handy)We are using a Wendy Bellisimo Vintage Tea Berry Theme.  You can see all of her stuff on the Babies R Us web-site.  Lots of cute little bunnies with accents of pink & green!  It’s really a vintage inspired room which I love anything vintage or older looking!!  I will try and post some pictures once the paint dries and we get the furniture pushed back….   


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