Getting Ready for Millie “now” & Some Highlights of Mommy & Daddy “then”…..


The past few weeks have been crazy busy for both Stephen & myself.  Our schedules have been filled with appointments to interview pediatricians, OB checkups, our new small group, childbirth classes, breast-feeding classes, breast pumping classes, getting her nursery painted and decorated, and so on…..Oh, and I have totally been in the habit of nesting no doubt, washing clothes, walls, toilets, floors, door knobs, etc..  it’s a little OCD for sure….I just want everything ready if something were to happen!! We are getting very close to finally meeting our little bundle of joy.  I would like for family and friends to always have a way to stay in the loop with our little family!  I will try and up-date as much as possible so that you all can keep up with all of the excitement.  God has blessed us with so much in the past year and we are very thankful.  Hope you will come with us on one of the biggest journeys of our lives (other than marriage!) Feel free to add your comments as
well~ Love,Kristin & Stephen      21.jpg    3.jpg   Stephen & I celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary & that we were going to be parents in 9 months… (at Chateau Elan)~we took Shag dance lessons that night (with Dewit Hinson), saw the Tams perform, & danced to some fabulous beach music!  Stephen can’t wait to teach Millie some of his best dance moves……       hhh.jpgUs on our wedding day!  It is so amazing to me how much we’ve accomplished together and much more to come when Millie gets here…..         
 Some of our engagement pictures taken by DSM Photography.jpg                u1.jpg                      s2.jpg    s3.jpg         us2.jpg 

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  1. Kristin,

    You are as beautiful as I always imagined you would be! Even, “La Prego”!!!!! :)) What a blessing for me today! I have always known what an incredible woman you would grow up to be!!! And what an incredible “Mother” you will make!!!! I believe that it is in your nature to build a relationship, a home, and a family. Thank you sweetie, for allowing me the incredible priviledge to watch from a far. You have an incredible circle of support around you. God bless you and Stephen allways! I can’t wait to see “Lil Mil”! I hope that one day in the near future, I will be able to meet her. Most of all, I hope to be able to hug your neck, and shake Stephen’s hand and thank him for taking care of you, and being the “Blessing” that many people have prayed and hoped for in your life!

    Much Love,

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